Our mission is to provide an experience for lovers of travel and aspiring yogis (beginner or not) to eat, play and stretch with us in locations like Bali and regional Victoria, Australia.

Elyse, owner of Studio 3 Australia and Chloe, yoga teacher and globe trotter decided to collaborate and create all-inclusive retreats for real people and real talk. Studio 3 Retreats are tailored for all ages and those wishing to escape reality for a while but do not want to travel solo. From the moment of arrival you will be hosted by knowledgeable and qualified instructors, holistic healer and nutritionist in a fun and relaxed environment!

You’ll return home feeling refreshed with new skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle mentally and physically long after your retreat.

Meet the Facilitators

With more than 15 years experience your facilitators are full of knowledge and skills to help you transform into a Goddess.

Elyse Marinaccio

Nutritionist, Antigravity 1 star Yoga Instructor, 200HR Yoga Teacher, Pilates Instructor, Remedial Masseuse, Studio Owner, Reiki Healer

Elyse's journey started over 12 years ago working in gyms as an instructor in both yoga and pilates and high intensity exercise along with being a personal trainer while studying her degree in nutrition. Throughout her academic journey with a bachelor, honours and masters degree in Nutrition she knew from a young age that helping others be healthy was her life goal!

Opening Studio 3 Australia nearly 4 years ago to cater for those that want a more holistic approach to fitness she now wants to share her love of yoga and pilates, nutrition and travel! Elyse knows the importance of having a knowledgable host and organisation while away having travelled solo throughout third world countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Northern Africa including Morocco and south east Asia volunteering as a nutritionist in numerous orphanages and travelling.

Elyse wants to bring a great adventure to those travelling solo who want a truely transformational retreat!

Chloe Mez

500HR Yoga teacher, Reiki Healer, Sound Healing Specialist, Yin Instructor, Yoga Nidra Practitioner

During a 9 month endeavor through South America in 2014 Chloe decided to apply for yoga teacher training. This was the day her life turned around. She then spent another 14 months as a residential yoga instructor on the shores of Nicaragua teaching diverse groups of students from across the globe. This excelled her teaching rapidly and the time spent with Mother Nature taught her a lot about herself and the way of the world. Her fascination with yoga continued when returning to Melbourne in 2017; She took courses in reiki level I & II and 50HR Yin Therapy Training with instructors trained by the Yin guru himself, Paul Grilley. Today, her love for yoga and its philosophy is as strong as it was all those years ago.

Upcoming Retreats

Our next retreat is our "Luna Goddess of Meditation"

March 22nd - 24th 2019